Going Green, Saving Green.

June 22, 2016 / no comments

With the rising cost of electricity, coupled with our planet’s depleting fossil fuels, we all need to start thinking about the future. The future of how we can reduce the ever-increasing monthly costs to own a home in the Okanagan, the future of building a ‘greener’ house, the future of our beautiful planet. Our company’s latest goal is to take it upon ourselves to build a more environmentally friendly house that benefits both the home owner and the environment. From now on, all houses built in Smith Creek Estates by H&H Custom Homes will come equipped with a minimum amount of solar panels on the roof.

Current BC Hydro rates are $0.0829/kW.h at tier 1, and $.1243/kW.h at tier 2 and BC Hydro has already stated they’ll be raising electricity prices a minimum of 3%, calculated compounding in each of the next 3 years (Source). By installing solar panels during the construction stage, our company can guarantee that the install is done right, done at a very competitive price and can easily be included in a home buyer’s mortgage. The power created by these panels will guarantee the home owner a fixed price for power of approximately $0.055 per kW.h for the next 30 years. And with most homes going into BC Hydro’s tier 2 power rate half way through their pay period, the solar panels will quickly amass large savings for the home owner. There’s virtually no maintenance required and everything is set up for the home owner before they move into the house.

We are hoping that our company starts a trend in not only Smith Creek Estates, but throughout the Okanagan, possibly making solar panels a standard on all newly built homes!

New Website Launch For 2016.

June 19, 2016 / no comments

We’re excited for some features coming to handhhomes.ca and the new look to showcase our custom homes in the Okanagan Valley. The new site is feature rich, built to be visually stunning on any device and puts our best foot forward by showing you high quality images of our homes.