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General Inquiries

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What should we budget or expect to pay for our house?

    This is a very hard question as so many factors affect cost per square foot and build costs are continually changing. For our base building package, which maintains a high level of quality, prices start at:

    1. $200/sq.ft for a walk-up style house (basement level entry)
    2. $250/sq.ft for a walk-out style house (main floor entry with daylight basement)

    Typically how long does it take to build a home?

    We tell the client to budget approximately 3 months to get the plans complete, building outline finished, contract signed and building permit in hand. Then we allot another between 6-12 months for construction, depending on the size and complexity of the home. Budget and timelines are discussed in detail before any commitment is made.

    Do you only build homes on a fixed-price basis?

    We offer cost-plus pricing, starting at cost+13%, but have found most clients prefer our fixed-price building package.

    Do you guarantee the move-in date you tell us?

    Your designated Project Manager will fully explain expectations and timelines. We are excellent at meeting timelines, however sometimes circumstances affecting the move-in date are out of our control. Our team provides weekly updates to clients and will guarantee a move-in date once the house reaches Drywall stage.

    What is the best way to finance the construction of our home?

    Typically we recommend obtaining a ‘construction mortgage’ from your preferred bank, but everyone’s financial situation is different. So just ask a member of the team to put you in contact with the right person on our staff. We can sit down and discuss options.

    What are your price estimates based on?

    *These figures are calculated using the square footage of the house only, not the garage. In this price you can expect a fully finished house, including appliances and a standard double garage (22’x22’). This price does not include items like: a triple+ garage, landscaping, retaining walls, pools/hot tubs, or legal suites, etc.